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Much of our national defense can be handled through free trade and diplomacy. We must again be the nation that is trusted by all to keep our treaties and our word. While we have the biggest and most expensive military by far, our people are still vulnerable. We must convince the world that attacks on Americans will draw a measured and lethal response. We must continue to help our allies control their hinterlands so that our common enemies cannot use them as a refuge from which to strike us. We can help our allies in the Mideast by again being a force for peace. We can help our NATO allies by creating a nonaligned free trade zone in Eastern Europe that will unite the entire Northern Hemisphere in a free trade zone. Nobody wars on a freely trading partner. We can help China to ensure its flow of necessary raw materials, so that they can achieve their goals through peace. Only through these steps can we reduce our armed forces Without them, we will have to continue to maintain a force that can project power worldwide, and into space.


We have nobody who will focus on the debt, and a Libertarian victory.  I will do both.

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