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Our goal is debt reduction. It’s now 30 trillion, and will increase to 70 trillion in the lives of our grandchildren. We can stop the growth, and start to reduce it. We pay the debt by benefiting those who pay it, out of self interest. We pay it by easing the path of immigrants. If they choose, they can pay for expedited entry, and pay to stay. All funds raised reduce the debt, and become available to loan. Loan it in replacement of programs that are now funded by taxation. Roads and bridges, disasters, farm and foreign aid, grants, infrastructure, all can be low interest loans, funded by reducing the national debt. As those loans are paid, we can shore up Social Security and Medicare, monthly, and pump the rest out as more loans.

Paying The National Debt: Anchor
Immigration Reform: Anchor


For the undocumented, let them come out of the shadows, live and work freely. In exchange let them voluntary pay 10% of their earnings to our national debt fund. Their 1040 becomes their green card. For those seeking entry, let them vountariy invest in America and gain entry under a temporary visa. Let them file a tax return to renew.

Ending The War On Drugs: Anchor


The war on drugs has been a complete failure. Millions of lives have been disrupted or lost. Billions of dollars have been squandered for no apparent gain. Prisons have overflowed with nonviolent offenders. Criminals have made billions, while the poor only suffer. We see no appreciable gain, the street price of drugs has not risen. In fact, they are cheaper today. Overdoses and poisonings have not been reduced. Our families still suffer from this scourge. Rather than lock up the ill, let them be able to maintain their habit and let them restore their lives as best they can. 



We can take steps to address the high cost of healthcare. Let organizations negotiate healthcare insurance for their members. Let insurers state on their websites what they will pay for procedures. Let providers state on their websites what they will charge for a procedure. Let the consumer choose among insurers and among providers.



Let's make it possible for people to benefit by voluntarily paying down the national debt. They can take a low interest loan where the interest pays for our nation's debt and the loan saves the consumer large amounts of money and worry.

Providing Options For Public Debt Relief: Anchor
Federal Lands


We seek ways to make the federal lands economically viable so that we can return most of them to the states. We are not including the national parks and nature reserves in this effort. Currently the federal land revenues barely pay for the cost of their administration. Selling off the potentially productive portions will not leave enough income to support the rest, causing the deficit to continue to increase. Allowing hemp production, with the states' blessing, on leased lands is one way to add economic viability to federal lands. 


Nearly everybody is pro-life. Nobody likes abortion. I do not believe that it is the government’s place to decide this most painful of decisions. That decision is best left to the mother, and her doctor. Let those who wish to intervene offer support. The opportunity for help should allow for that mother to have and keep her baby, while avoiding the life of poverty that so often is suffered by an unskilled, single parent.

Abortion Ethics: Anchor


Much of our national defense can be handled through free trade and diplomacy. We must again be the nation that is trusted by all to keep our treaties and our word. No other candidate has an answer to national defense.

National Defense
Foreign Relations


We must restore the world's trust in America. We must again be the America that keeps to our word. We must be the America that seeks freedom for everyone. We must get away from nation building and interfering in foreign politics. We can lead the world to prosperity by paying down our debt. It is not necessary for American blood and sweat to be spilled with so many other alternatives.

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